Why Celebrating Baby’s Birthday Party Is Important?

Babies First Birthday Boy Baby’s 1st birthday girl

When a child’s birthday approaches, some parents often get excited and prepare in advance to celebrate the occasion. But there are also parents who prefer to save all the expenses involved in throwing a birthday party and decide not to hold a celebration at all. Doing this could be counterproductive.

The advantages of celebrating a birthday, according to developmental psychology are:

  1. They raise their self-esteem. When a child feels celebrated, they also feel loved and meaningful in their family role. Their birthday becomes important in their parents’ lives.

  1. They strengthen family bonds. Having family traditions of babies first birthday boy is positive. No matter what the size of the celebration is, what is relevant, is the sense of being together to celebrate something special.
  1. They establish social relationships. Inviting a couple of friends, grandparents, or the whole family to a birthday party helps the child to relate better through feelings of companionship and kindness.
  1. They create positive memories. A study of preschool memories says that most childhood memories are not really memories, but rather a memory created from a lot of data collected from different sources in an unconscious way, like sensations, smells, and music. So, creating memories from a celebration can be something really meaningful.
  1. Baby’s 1st birthday girl helps them to have a perception of time. Children are not aware of their growth if not through others. That’s why birthdays are a great way for them to discover the process of growing up.

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